Planning your dream wedding is stressful – and being on a budget doesn’t help. As the big day gets closer the more stressed you may become. Brides and grooms alike usually have a long and daunting checklist of to-do’s, however, it is important to stay away from bad habits and beauty mistakes that may hinder you from looking your absolute best on your wedding day.

Avoid drinking and eating dark colored foods

On your wedding day, you want to look your best including having nice pearly white teeth. Wedding photos are a big part of your wedding day so you need to steer clear of foods that will tint your teeth. Try teeth whitening strips, they will work wonders on your teeth, making sure they are pristine and white for your photos.

Avoid Tanning

Tanning, in general, is something you have to watch out for because you are putting yourself at risk for skin damage. Plus, who wants to look orange on their wedding day, that is not a good look especially for wedding photos. Self-tanning products also may rub off on your wedding gown if it is not dried or not done properly and that’s one sure way to wreck your day.

Avoid getting a bikini wax right before your wedding

Most women want to look beautiful from head to toe and that includes her bikini line. However, waxing can be painful and may cause some irritation so you do not want to get a wax too close to your wedding day. Instead get a wax at least five days ahead of time just to make sure your skin is healed and you are not having any side effects.

Avoid changing your skin care routine

Wedding pictures are meant to last forever so it’s crucial to cleanse, moisturize and exfoliate your skin so it can look its best for your big day. A week before the wedding is not the time for you to try new products or procedures like fillers, botox, or skin peels. They can wreak havoc on your skin and cause breakouts, not to mention unwanted side effects. So keep your skin regime simple yet effective.

Avoid salty foods

Your dress is beautiful and it makes you feel and look incredible. To keep it that way you must be mindful of the foods you intake during the week of your wedding. Keep away from salty foods, sauces, dressing, and deli meats instead opt for low or no sodium foods. Making this small change will keep you fit and feeling great on your wedding day.

Avoid skimping on water

Water is a life saver, literally. Every person needs to drink plenty of water on a daily basis. There are so many benefits to drinking water and doubling up your water intake will keep your skin clear and glowing. Switch your alcoholic beverages for a nice glass of water.

Avoid forgetting your beauty emergency kit

An emergency beauty kit is a must-have for any woman’s wedding day. You should include: safety pins, double-sided sticky tape, a small sewing kit, scissors, a bleach pen or stain-removing wipes, bobby pins, gums or mints, a razor, deodorant, band aids, tissue, nail polish remover, clear nail polish, a nail clipper, makeup remover wipes, tampons and/or pads. This ultimate kit will be a life-saver just in case something goes wrong on your big day – you will be prepared for anything!

Avoid crying and messing up your makeup

It’s one of the most important and beautiful days of your life so you may shed a few tears and that’s ok. It’s all about wiping your tears away correctly so you will not smear your makeup. Hold a piece of tissue in your hand and press the tissue in the tear duct and let the tears run onto the tissue this will keep you from rubbing your face and taking off your makeup.

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event so be sure to avoid anything that can cast a dark cloud on your picture perfect day.

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