Things happen, and there are plenty of things that might happen on your wedding day. Rather than freaking out over something that really isn’t a big deal, prepare for a minimergency instead. Keep it together, girl! There are a lot of kits you can buy out there – this Bridetastic kit at Sephora is pretty all-inclusive and this Pinch minimergency kit is pretty cute – but you can also DIY this kind of thing.

To keep the best day of your life the happiest, check out our comprehensive list of the basic things you should have handy, the stuff you’re likely to forget, and random things you might not even think you need!

The Basics

  • Something to drink. A bottle of water or your favorite drink to keep you calm. Maybe not flask of cosmos for breakfast, but whatever works for you.
  • A snack to calm your nerves: dark chocolate bar, handful of nuts with magnesium, or your favorite thing to munch on.
  • Makeup: Eyelashes & Eyelash glue, Mascara, etc. Basically everything in your makeup palette in case of tears and touch-ups…
  • Which includes tissues, as well. Makeup wipes & cotton buds for quick makeup touch-ups and corrections.
  • Stain remover pen or wipes.
  • Clear nail polish for any tights that run–or an extra pair for falls and ramming your nervous fingers through a pair (not that we’ve done this…okay, we’ve totally done this).

The Stuff You’re Likely to Forget

  • Medicines: antacid, antihistamine, pain reliever, Band-Aids, cough drops, tampons/pads, sunscreen (if you’re in the sun).
  • High Definition dusting powder for pictures after the wedding.
  • Extra comb, brush, barrettes, hair ties and bobby pins.
  • Hand lotion and perfume.
  • Nail polish remover wipes.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste.

diana wrinkledRandom Things You Might Not Think About

  • Sewing kit with safety pins, masking tape or no-sew tape for last-minute ripped hems, thread colors and buttons for every garment in the wedding party.
  • Earring backs.
  • Fold up ballet flats or flip-flops for the moment you’re done wearing heels. Or, if you’re open to calling a spade a spade – here are some super comfy slippers!
  • Iron or Steamer for last minute wrinkle touch-ups. But seriously, don’t wait until the last minute.
  • Extra chargers for android and iPhone devices, and possibly a portable charger if there’s not an outlet where your wedding is held.
  • Write down phone numbers for all hired staff, emergency contacts, everyone in the wedding party, and the venues in case phones die or you have no power source.


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