When a bride looks in the mirror one of the first thing she notices other than her makeup is her hair. Every strand of hair must be in place and perfect for her big day (unless an tousled, undone look is what you’re going for!). Although there are many different hairstyles that a bride can choose from, whether it’s a fancy up-do or long flowing curls, your wedding hairdo truly completes your entire bridal look. One way of jazzing up your wedding hairstyle is to add a fun and glamorous hair accessory.

Like finding the perfect dress it takes time to find the ideal hair accessory for your wedding day and there are so many accessories to choose from so you want to pick one that matches your personality and your hairstyle. There is no doubt every bride wants to look like a fairytale princess on her wedding day. It can be a little overwhelming when shopping for the perfect wedding hair accessory when you don’t know which one to choose.

Hair Accessory Options

  • Headbands are very versatile, they can be worn with your hair down, half up or all up if you choose.
  • Hair combs vary in size and shape, and usually look best with an up-do hairstyle.
  • If your wedding day look is elegant evening wear, a tiara is a perfect choice and looks amazing with any hairstyle.
  • Hair pins are a subtle way to add a touch of glam to your wedding look.
  • Fresh or silk flowers are a charming choice for brides because they add romance to any hairstyle.

First thing is you need to choose is your wedding gown before you even think about buying accessories. Depending on the style of your dress whether it is simple and plain or extravagant with a lot of embellishments you want your hair accessory to fit with your entire wedding look which is why it’s important that you match your hair accessory, hairstyle, shoes and with your bridal gown.


  • Suggest to your family members or friends asking what you want as a gift they could consider purchasing your wedding accessory as a gift.
  • When shopping for your hair accessories don’t be afraid to ask for any wedding discounts, sales and or use any coupons you may have.
  • Make your own hair accessory or if you’re not the crafty type be sure to ask a good friend who is skilled at DIY projects to help you.

The next thing that you want to do is decide what hairstyle you want for your wedding. If possible have a hair trial where you can try out different hairstyles and your stylist may offer suggestions on what hair accessories will work best for your  hairdo. For instance if you wear your hair down a headband would be perfect while a nice comb is great for a chic up-do.

Consider the color of your hair accessory. The color of your headpiece should complement the color of your wedding gown. All of your accessories should complement each other. Your jewelry, headpiece, and veil should enhance your bridal look not distract from it.

You will already look beautiful on your wedding day, so upgrade your look by picking the best hair accessory!

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