Get ready to have the bridal suite of a lifetime. Even if you’re on a budget for your wedding, it doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the bridal suite treats. From robes to drinks, fun gifts that make it a party, here’s all you need to know about bridal suite shenanigans.

4 Baller Ways to Bling Out Your Bridal Suite -

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Pretty Little Cocktails

You don’t have to break the bank for pretty little cocktails, but you should be a little picky for you and your girls. While there might be plenty of wine and champagne at your reception, go girly for your bridal suite drinks.

Pink Champagne

Simply have a few bottles of pink bubbly on ice with a bowl of raspberries for a sweet treat in your glass.

4 Baller Ways to Bling Out Your Bridal Suite -

Mimosa Bar

Deck your suite out with a mimosa bar. Include an array of different juices and a few bottles of champagne on ice. Let your girls mix their own pretty little cocktails.

4 Baller Ways to Bling Out Your Bridal Suite -

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One Killer Playlist

Have your most musical bridesmaid make you a killer playlist! Ask each girl in the party, including the Flower Girl, to email the girl in charge their top five songs. Your playlist will be personalized and fun.

4 Baller Ways to Bling Out Your Bridal Suite -

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Wrap Up In Super-Cute Robes

Why buy one by one, when you can get a super-cute collection of Pretty robes!

We don’t think we’ll ever get over the pretty “getting ready robes” trend. The girls will look great AND be super comfy for your pre-wedding photos! Look for more beautiful items on Wedding Prep Gals.

Wedding for $1000 - Pick the Perfect Presents to Thank Your Wedding Party

Keepsake Tumblers Stuffed in Gift Bags or Baskets

Gift your girls something super sweet that can be used in the bridal suite on the big day! This will help make their time pass by and keep some of them busy in lieu of being up your butt 24/7. What? You’re a big deal. They’ll all want one on one time. This can taper that time with each bridesmaid making it special for each one!

Personalized Tumblers

4 Baller Ways to Bling Out Your Bridal Suite -

Go with a cute personalized keepsake tumbler, and tie a bow on it! You can grab these in your very own wedding colors on Etsy. Considering I have gone on a recent hunt in Walmart for cute tumblers, and can’t find one–I’m probably going to order one of these myself. Walmart ones are like $5 to $7, look cheap as hell, and aren’t monogrammed. So these are a steal!

Swag To Stuff in The Bags

You’ll want to grab some other swag to stuff in the bags…

4 Baller Ways to Bling Out Your Bridal Suite -

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Cool swag can include:

  • Magazine
  • Deck of Playing Cards
  • Candy or gum
  • Mini-bottle of wine or water
  • Notepad and pen
  • Nail polish
  • A snack (think breakfast bar or cheetos)
  • Travel versions of popular games
  • Jewelry

Basically, anything you can find on the cheap or on sale. Check out places like Forever 21 for cheap accessories or trinkets that don’t sacrifice style!

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