I’m the kind of girl who uses spreadsheets to keep track of all expenses, wedding-related or not. It’s super important to me that I stay organized, and wedding planning is no different. As a matter of fact, it’s even MORE important, since it’s kind of a big day. See the gif? Imagine Will Ferrell is your wedding and … well, that analogy almost worked.  Anyway, moving on.

So I’m all about writing and crossing things off lists, and sometimes that drives my fiance nuts but he’s starting to realize that there are SO. MANY. THINGS involved in a wedding than in anything else he’s ever been involved in. Lucky for him, he’s the groom, so he doesn’t have to actually DO that much.  It’s been mostly me with the help of my AMAZING bridesmaids and sisters!

My sister Stephanie suggested we try using a group chat to keep track of everything everyone was working on individually, and my other sister Sarah (I know, three girls with S names, so original right?) suggested a wedding app her friend MJ used for her wedding. So we all downloaded Wedmate, and I started my wedding profile.  I gave everyone the wedding code (including our mom, which has turned out to be both a blessing and a curse!) and we all synced up.

Above all else, this free(!) app saved me PAGES of emails going back and forth about what dress styles worked for who, and whether or not they should match.  I’ve got eight bridesmaids, a maid of honor and three flower girls. It would have been a logistical nightmare trying to pick just one dress or look I wanted to go for.  They ended up hashing it out over a day or two of chats, and the dresses were sorted SO much faster than I expected.

We also shared the photos taken during the run-up to the wedding, including some of the bachelorette party! Here’s a couple of the jello shots we made and me loving on some champagne – but those are the only two I’m allowed to share. I refuse to incriminate myself or others with record of any shenanigans!

So, overall, I’d say this Wedmate wedding app was the best solution for keeping in contact with my entire bridal party during the wedding planning process. You should check it out and be sure to give it 5 stars!