by Brittany McComas

Throw all the wedding rules out the window. Get ready to really have an amazing wedding. We’ve got some killer ideas for those of you who decide that a destination wedding is just what the doctor ordered. photo credit

Should You Register?

Here’s the deal: Be practical. Do you need stuff for your house? Then register. Don’t be a total douche and register for everything, though. If you need a few things, some people do like to give you a physical wedding gift, no matter what. All those old-school relatives and grandparent types are still traditional. They don’t always understand the modern bride, and they will sincerely want to buy you something. Accept their generosity. Even if it’s something you have or don’t really need. In this day and age you can exchange gifts without receipts, too.

Be sure to register for gifts that aren’t crazy expensive, as well. A lot of these people may be spending a lot of money to attend your wedding. Give them some practical gift ideas on a slight budget. There are also people who might not be attending the big day. They will also likely want to send you a little something. So go on and register for some cool gifts.

Be Travel Savvy

Think about all the incidentals you need for your trip. Register for practical things you can take on tour. From bathing suits to sun tan lotion, rental cars, flights, hotels, train tickets, anything really. Set up a donation box, online account, or crowdfunding page in lieu of a gift table. Ask your friends to donate toward your wedding cost or honeymoon. You might be able to book yourself into that five star hotel you’ve been eyeing up, and really get some R&R on your honeymoon.

Get Crafty With Your Register

Create your own online registry. Add everything you wish you didn’t have to pay for whilst on your destination wedding/honeymoon. Ask for people to secretly pay for your hotel for one night. Tell your boozing buddies to go all in and set you up with a tab at the bar one night. Put down restaurants you really want to dine in, and provide the contact information for the restaurant and someone can buy you a nice meal out one night. You can get people to pay for everything from destination hot spots, tours, a spa session, breakfast, fun couples only outings, and nights out. Be super-creative and leave the Maid of Honor/Best Man in charge of making sure the hotel leaves a copy of your mystery itinerary in your room for you upon check-in.

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