It’s not unheard of for couples to live with one another prior to getting married, and many couples are together for a handful of years before tying the knot. Naturally, this leads to a household full of stuff! Oftentimes, you’ve already received the coveted Kitchen-Aid mixer (in green apple!) from your lovely partner for your birthday. Or perhaps the two of you splurged on a new area rug when you moved into your place. The longer you live together, the more stuff is accumulated!

So, when it comes time to set up a registry, what do you do? If creating an Amazon Wedding Registry isn’t up your alley, here are 3 alternatives to a traditional wedding registry. These options encompass the joy of sharing an experience and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Honeymoon Registry

This is the perfect way to plan your honeymoon and allow your guests to feel like they are a part of the action! There are a ton of sites out there that will walk you through the process of setting up a honeymoon registry, and each has their own set of perks. A small amount of what is gifted is typically removed for a credit card processing fee, but it is definitely minimal. These sites will also keep track of everything that is gifted and who it was from – making the thank you card process a snap! Another great thing about a honeymoon registry is the ease of knowing that after all the hoopla surrounding your big day, you’ll have a handcrafted honeymoon to look forward to!

Here are a few sites to get you started: Honeyfund, Traveler’s Joy, and my personal favorite Wanderable.

SoKind Registry

If homemade gifts and charitable donations are more your thing, this is the way to go. What’s awesome about SoKind is that it is 100% customizable, all you have to do is narrow down your choices! You can choose gifts that fall into the experience category, like dancing or cooking lessons, or you can opt to give back and have your guests donate to your favorite charity. the other option is handmade gifts, which is truly unique; homemade blankets or scarves, or even artwork!


Zola is perfect if you’re looking for a more traditional registry, but one with more flexibility than your typical large retailer. You’re able to register for your more customary options, as well as  unique items and experiences! You can easily build your registry by adding things from numerous stores and from anywhere online. There are a ton of options that make it easy for you to create, and your guests to use.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to wedding registries, and it’s easy to let the excitement take over. Remember to register for the way you live and the life you are building, and use these registry alternatives as a jumping off point to something truly meaningful.

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