You’re much too extraordinary to wear something ordinary.

The diamond industry would have you believe that the only acceptable option for an engagement ring or a wedding ring is, you guessed it: diamonds. They’re touted as being rare and extremely valuable to justify the price, but if every second person on earth has them (and some wear them on their teeth!), how are they still so rare?

What’s truly rare is to throw these traditions to the wind and find unique wedding rings that are spectacularly and uniquely YOU. Escape the confines of the generic and repetitive ring designs available at traditional retailers, and see what is out there that speaks to your style and personality. It’s your hand, your marriage, and you have to look at it every day. What would you like to see there?

Many great examples of unique wedding rings with amazing style and bold design are found at Hileman Silver Jewelry. Until my friend Leisa showed me a gorgeous pink dinosaur bone ring with a 1ct white sapphire center stone, I had no idea that such a thing existed! I’ve included a picture of it here, because it’s beautiful, and more importantly for brides and grooms on a budget: affordable.  This exact combination set in sterling silver is only $680 – a far cry from the cost of a traditional diamond engagement ring!

Hileman Jewelry has so many beautiful options, and I think I have my heart set on one of their blue topaz and Australian opal rings. Isn’t this just so amazing?  Opal is the most captivating natural gemstone, in my opinion, and is truly rare, unlike diamonds.

Along with dinosaur bone rings and Australian opal rings, they have a huge selection of turquoise wedding rings – and so many other unique wedding rings! I think the best part is that they’re completely matchless because you can choose a custom inlay and center stone or just an entirely special design that works for you. Where else do you get so much variety and flexibility in choice – and affordability in price – when it comes to a significant piece of jewelry you’ll wear for the rest of your life?  You won’t find any of those qualities in a big box jewelry store, that’s for certain.

You’ll only find these one-of-a-kind rings at Hileman Silver Jewelry. Find them (and like them!) on Facebook or go to their website at