The wedding ring has long been a symbol of a couple’s love for each other, and more importantly, a special tie that shows their commitment to their marriage.  While the plain wedding band has been a popular choice, brides and grooms today are also searching for alternative wedding bands – either because of skin allergies or just to have something a little bit different.  The list below may give you some ideas on how to express your love in a not so traditional way.

Forever Bracelets

No more losing the wedding ring if you take it off to shower, bake, or do other daily tasks. If you find that rings get in the way of your hands, consider matching bracelets instead. Simple, stainless steel bracelets are trendy unisex accessories that won’t blow the budget.  An added plus: more space for longer inscriptions, including your favorite phrase or a romantic quote.

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Wooden Rings

Don’t like the cool feel of metal on your finger, or want something that improves with age? Beautiful rings are being made of all different types of wood. It is lightweight, durable and comfortable to wear. The oil from your hand serves to polish and maintain it.  Over time, the wood may darken or change in color as you spend your lives together.

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Jade Rings

The choice of emperors, this ring’s humble appearance may be a fit for those looking for a metal alternative and wanting something that conveys an earthy appearance. Jade rings are durable and range from the palest white to a very dark green, with many shades of green in between.  The cost can range from a very inexpensive $7 ring to over $500 for a rare piece.  The durability though, regardless of cost, is the same.

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Puzzle Rings

If you like the saying, “You complete me,” this might be the choice for you.  Starting with a traditional wedding band, it is then cut in half in a jagged fashion.  Each partner wears one and together, they form a whole ring once again. These custom rings can be found in a variety of metals.  The coolest bonus?  You can use today’s fitness trackers to record your partner’s heartbeat, mesh it with yours and use that as the puzzle design.

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An oldie but a goodie, there’s nothing new about matching couples’ tattoos, but the commitment to get one permanently put on your body deserves a lot more credit than a ring that can be easily taken off.  Choose to write your partner’s name in script on your ring finger, or matching life quotes on your arms. Some have opted for matching symbols or have created their own art to be placed on each other.  Your creativity is the limit for this one.

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