As soon as De Beers declared that a man should spend two months salary on an engagement ring, the engagement ring market exploded. These days it’s expected that a proposal is accompanied by a sparkly ring. Often times, it is hard to find special engagement rings for a price that won’t break you, and this fact puts a damper on what should be a happy and exciting occasion.

These engagement rings can be just as spectacular and lovely as an expensive and genuine diamond engagement ring. They are every bit as beautiful and sparkly as the real thing, but they come at a fraction of the price.  It’s possible you plan to replace it later or even just want to have the sparkle without the responsibility of expensive stones, these rings are breathtaking.

Due to the underwhelming styles available in previous years, when we think of inexpensive engagement rings, we think green fingers, poor quality and a distinct lack of sparkle. But times have changed and technology has advanced! Many jewelers these days take great pride in offering their customers high quality engagement rings at a fraction of the cost. White Sapphires are nearly indistinguishable from genuine diamonds to most people, and there are many other lovely options that aren’t clear stones. Popping the question with a beautiful engagement ring does not have to cost you thousands of dollars. Good quality cubic zirconium, austrian crystal and other synthetic diamonds will generally look real. Your future bride may not be the type that relies on the diamond to represent your love for her, so a man made or synthetic diamond may be perfectly acceptable.

Inexpensive engagement rings are not that hard to find anymore. When it is time to begin your search for an inexpensive, affordable engagement ring, you should determine what price would fit your budget. It is important that once you create a budget for your ring that you stay within it.

No matter if you choose an inexpensive engagement ring with a real diamond, a synthetic stone or any other kind of gemstone, the true spirit of the occasion should be remembered. Choose an inexpensive engagement ring that will reflect the beauty of your true love and your love for her.

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