With everything that Pinterest, eBay, Etsy, and all the other social media sites push in our faces it’s hard to find the perfect anniversary gift. Sometimes I just stumble on ideas that are too darn cute, and I can’t help but share them with my amazing readers. Here’s one for the perfect wedding anniversary gift. While it might seem elaborate, this sweet personalized gift is so easy to make you might just want one for your home. Photo credit

The cool thing about this anniversary gift is: you can make it super sentimental. If the couple has a favorite poem, song, author or book you can use that to make your tree. You can pick up books at a thrift store for about 25 to 50 cents and glue the tree cut out right onto card stock.

Alternatively, print your favourite writing onto a piece of thick paper like stock right at home. *Don’t forget to Google coupon codes for the store you choose to purchase your card stock from to save extra dough!

You’ll need:

  • Photo frame with mat insert
  • Book or favourite poem printed on card stock paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Colored stock paper
  • Thick thread
  • Glue stick
  • Sharpie (metallic looks cool)

Step 1: Trace a tree onto the back of your writing sample using a pencil. (For a more elaborate tree, use a stencil which starts around $2.99 at eBay.)

Step 2: Cut out the tree with a pair of sharp craft scissors.

Step 3: Trace hearts onto the colored cardstock, and cut them out. Write the initials of the couple on the hearts using your sharpie.

Step 4: Place a dab of glue stick onto the back of the heart and press one end of the thread onto the glue spot for five seconds. Once the hearts are attached to the thread, tie the thread around a branch of the tree. **this takes patience, so take a deep breath and take your time.

Step 5: Use your glue stick to secure the edges of your tree onto the paper mat frame inside the photo frame. Assemble the photo frame back together and bam–one sweet DIY anniversary gift from your heart to theirs!

Another sweet way to make this gift is with a pop of color: Use colored photo stock paper and make your background the writing. Like this sweet print below.

Love Words - sweet wedding anniversary art you can make yourself!

Photo credit

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