How about getting married on white-sandy beaches and with exquisite oceanfront views? Well, nothing could be more romantic than Maui, one of the most popular and upcoming spots for destination weddings! At Maui, one can plan a private and intimate setting with just your closest friends and loved one. Or, you could plan a large-sized gala event on a grand scale. There are exceptional venues and unique locations here that are sure to win your heart. Plus, you could take advantage of the Maui luxury homes for the most luxurious and welcoming stay. The destination-wedding locales in Maui are sure to keep you and your guests entertained and will never disappoint. So, what makes Maui as a popular wedding spot?

It feels like heaven to be on the tropical paradise, the cobalt blue sea lapping up on golden shores. Take your vows here on the tropical paradise, and the experience is indeed unbeatable! Here are some good reasons behind why couples head towards Maui to get married.

Maui is easy to reach

There are several nonstop flights to Maui catered to by a large number of major airlines. You could fly here form nay city or locale within the US. Most airports are sure to have a direct route into Kahului Airport.

Spectacular locations in Maui

Maui island has a couple of hot spots like West Maui and South Maui which are more traveled, and then the lesser traveled areas, like East Maui. Maui’s famed Wailea region is home to some of the most amazing locations and venues like the pristine beaches and full-service resorts. One can enjoy oceanfront views of the Pacific Ocean and a formal seated reception and dance party inside the ballroom.

Wedding at Maui means less stress

Maui is not just extremely beautiful but is less expensive and more personal too. Stress is an inherent part of the wedding but when in Maui, there is no stress and everything seems to be so easy and effortless. All you need to do is go for a simpler wedding and enjoy every moment. The local government has made it very easy and straightforward to get married here.

Wedding with a vacation at Maui

The faces of your wedding guests will light for joy when they hear that the wedding is to take place at Maui! Let all your closest friends come for the wedding along with close family members. Celebrate your union and enjoy the whole experience.

Fun time for all in Maui

You and your guests won’t be bored as a destination wedding in Maui mean a plethora of activities apart from the wedding. You could play golf or enjoy helicopter tours of the island or take horseback rides on the Ulupalakua Ranch. The wedding guests could also drive through mango groves or hike to the Perouse Bay. It is a good idea to book an Oceanside massage for the married couple for a relaxing way to reconnect.

Most Romantic Beaches in Maui

The gorgeous island of Maui will leave you spoilt for choices when it comes to having a wedding on the most romantic beaches. Maui is with its picture-perfect weather, and unparalleled scenery is just the perfect place to get married. With some of the top destination beach locations in the world, it is no wonder to see couple clamoring to get wedded here. Kapalua Bay, Makena Cove, Polo Beach, Wailea Beach are some of the most popular.

The locally inspired delicious food of Maui

One can enjoy fresh, mouth-watering dishes here in Maui at their wedding. Just focus on fresh, cuisine prepared from the local ingredients and that not only taste good but save you money as well as showcase the local produce. You can consult the chef on your menu plans and can plan for tasting a few months and nail down perfectly as to what you would like to serve at the wedding.

Same-sex friendly marriages in Maui

Same-sex friendly marriages have been legalized in Hawaii since 2013. Couples of all backgrounds and sexualities will feel comfortable marrying in Maui. There are welcoming, friendly and accommodating planners, photographers and vendors who go out of the way to plans the wedding for the same-sex couples. The same-sex couples or otherwise can pick from a number of beautiful religious houses to host the event.

Great wedding locations at Maui

There are endless options for a wedding in Maui, and while some beaches are very popular, otters are public. It is common to see multiple wedding is taking place in the same area. Some spots are famous for rain while others are known for great sunsets. Thus, when choosing the location, keep in mind what you want or are looking for.  As the sun moves throughout the year, you might not get the sunset you are looking for. Ask the local wedding planners and photographer for the right spots and at the particular time of the year.

Maui has been chosen as the best island for the last many years. There are incredible coral reefs, world-class resorts, and white sand beaches to pick from. The choices are endless, and there are world-class resorts and incredible venues to pick for the entire wedding party. Maui is just stunning and with incredible venues, unusual activities, and great fun, it is like a never-ending party. As there is a huge demand for wedding destinations in Maui, make sure that you get the bookings done in advance.

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