From the gown to the flowers to the venue, planning a wedding is full of decisions that will determine one of the most important days of a couple’s life together. No detail is too small, including the wedding favors. Deciding what to gift the guests is tricky because you want to commemorate the special day without taking too much out of the overall budget.

How to Determine the Best Type of Wedding Favor

One of the most important factors to remember in choosing a favor is that it’s a token of appreciation for your guests and loved ones for their support, time and generosity. A small gift allows them to have something physical from the wedding day to be a reminder of the event.

But with so many guests and a budget to maintain, what is the best favor to give? If you’re having an intimate gathering, the price per favor might be a bit more than if it is a huge celebration. Popular wedding favors can range from $1 to $3 each, depending on the number of people in attendance and the item itself. There are a few additional factors to consider when choosing your wedding favor.

  • Edibles – Don’t underestimate how busy the days before the wedding will be. Don’t try to make the treats yourself, but instead hire a baker or caterer to create a tasty, memorable option for guests. The arrangement could include packaged cookies, a candy buffet or bag of other specialty treats.
  • Non-edibles – If you want gifts to last longer, candles, plants and personalized matchbooks are popular options. Any gift that can serve as a decorative piece for the home will be well received and remind guests of the couple and their celebration.

Key Design Aspects

Once you decide to make your favor edible or non-edible, you can get into specifics. You will want your favor to not only be memorable, but also fit with the style and decor of the wedding reception and the personalities of the bride and groom. Important selection factors to consider include:

  • Color – Favors can follow your wedding theme and serve as an accent to the tables or displays. Black and white are good options when the bridal party is dressed in traditional black and white, but you can always choose something brighter.
  • Personalization – If possible, add some personalization to the favors. Whether it’s special packaging with the couple’s last name, the wedding hashtag, a personal note from the bride and groom or a sweet photo, the guests will be reminded of the big day.
  • Size – It might be too much to expect guests to take home a large item, especially if it’s raining, snowing or icy between the exit door and their cars. Choosing something small and meaningful over a bulky or heavy item is the safer, surer route to wedding favor success.

Overall, wedding favors are a chance for the bride and groom to say thank you to their guests and leave them with a memento from the special occasion. A thoughtful gesture will go a long way with your friends and family. For more tips on the Do’s and Don’ts of wedding favors, check out our resource.

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