When it comes to getting married and having a wedding you simply need to ask yourselves one question as a bride and groom: What is your idea of a wedding? If you’re an intimate kind of couple, a Micro-Wedding or small wedding might just be the thing for you. So how do you throw the ultimate Micro-Wedding!?

How To Go Micro

You want something that is truly in between a wedding and an elopement. Not too big and not too small. Enough guests to say you threw a wedding and enough to help you celebrate in true wedding style after. Once you decide on a number for your guest list, what do you do in terms of having a reception?


The best part about a micro wedding is one simple, tasteful reception. Go family style with your dinner and cut down on costs by having it under the stars at your favorite outdoor spot. Forget the wait staff – pass the food and wine amongst yourselves. Rent a small private dining space in your favorite restaurant if you want to forego the catering altogether.

Go smaller rather than bigger - how to have a sweet micro wedding! - weddingfor1000.com

Travel to Your Micro-Destination

A lot of couples love the idea of a destination wedding, but the cost can be astronomical if you go out of the country. Forget the flights and book an elopement package near you. Many elopement venues have packages that cater up to 50 guests so that you can say goodbye to friends and family at the end of the night and turn your wedding venue into a super-sweet honeymoon.

Book a Boutique Hotel

Consider a boutique hotel as your wedding venue when it comes to micro-managing your big day. A lot of hotels will offer a night on the house along with breakfast for two if you book your big day on their premises. That way, you get the intimate night of your dreams and a sweet morning in bed as a very happy couple.

Entertainment On A Micro Budget

Check with the venue to see what sort of entertainment you can organize. Sometimes micro affairs are one to remember with a playlist of your own. Just ask the venue what you need to play your own music and simply rent the equipment if you have to! If all else fails, check out Groupon deals for jazz trios, small bands or wedding singers. That way, you can dance if you want to – but you really don’t have to!

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