When it comes to your wedding and the amount of money you and your loved ones have forked out for your big day, you might want to consider wedding insurance. “Hang on a minute. What is wedding insurance?” That’s what a lot of people ask, and wonder if they actually need it. Check out our list below to see just what it is and know if you really need it for your wedding.

What Is Wedding Insurance

Basically, a wedding insurance policy protects your wedding costs from circumstances beyond your control. If you’ve made big financial commitments to your big day, from the venue, reception, transportation, flowers, even the bridal party dresses and tuxedos–you might want to consider a wedding insurance policy.


How Much Does It Cost

A basic insurance policy for your wedding costs between $150 and $550, with a general liability policy averaging out at $185 for one million in coverage. These policies cover photos and videos, wedding attire, gifts, and so on.

When Should You Get It

As soon as you start forking out deposits for costly venues, you should get a policy. Wedding insurance covers you in the event that a venue goes out of business, if your driver gets in an accident and you have to hire another classic car last minute, it covers weather problems that might prohibit you from actually getting to your wedding–but only if you have a policy. Some wedding insurance policies even cover sickness or injury, and other types of mishaps.

What It Doesn’t Cover

Basically, it doesn’t cover a runaway bride or cold feet. Some jewelry, including your wedding rings, might not be covered either. These are things to discuss with your insurance agent. So, make sure they go over everything with a fine-tooth comb.

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