Hey, don’t laugh, but it’s been on my Life List for YEARS: I totally want to get married in Las Vegas. I want the cheesy Elvis impersonator, gaudy fake ring and anything else that is normal for vegas weddings! Now that I’m not in my 20’s, it’s kind of harder to justify doing it on a whim. When you’re 23, that seems totally fine (a little crazy, but mostly fine) – but when you’re in your 30’s…you’re supposed to have it a little more together.

Whatever, right?

If you’re itching for a Vegas Wedding, here are some budget-friendly ways to do it:

Las Vegas is the perfect place to put on your bucket list of where to say “I do.” When it comes to throwing that Vegas wedding on a budget–we’ve got you covered! Check out our list of ways to do your wedding Vegas style on the cheap without sacrificing taste.

Intimate Wedding Etiquette

When it comes to letting down people who probably thought they were on your guest list, it’s easy. Simply let them know that you want an intimate wedding. Plan a private dinner to celebrate with them to make them feel special at a later date, or get everyone together for a small backyard BBQ back home for a celebratory reception.

Budget Friendly Wedding Venues

  • A Little White Wedding Chapel: The World Famous place where Mrs. Ross and Mr. Rachel said “I do” is the perfect budget venue starting at $75 on their A La Carte Menu.
  • Graceland Wedding Chapel: If you want an Elvis style wedding this is the place to go, and with packages starting at $99 it’s super-budget friendly.
  • Las Vegas Wedding Wagon: For $129 and up you can get married just about anywhere in Vegas with up to ten guests, too. Did you dream of that magical Bellagio Fountain burst as you say “I do”? Then book the Wedding Wagon.
  • Shark Reef Mandalay Bay: Want an intimate wedding with friends where you walk down the aisle surrounded by sea life? This is the perfect venue for the atmosphere on a budget.

Top Tips For Vegas Weddings

When it comes to doing Vegas right, you gotta know some insider stuff. Most casinos include free drinks every time you play the slots. Check in on FourSquare for deep discounts and freebies. That will cut down on your reception/after party budget.

Getting There

Spirit airlines and Southwest airlines have runs to Vegas from nearly everywhere, at stupid cheap prices.  Most of the major airlines have flights more than once daily. Check out some travel sites for great deals and getaways!

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