This site is dedicated to bringing you the best budget wedding advice. We wade through the mountains of wedding dross on the internet to find and bring you the tips and tricks for saving money and having a beautiful wedding. We’ve discovered that there is truly only one piece of budget wedding advice that you need to know:

The more you concentrate on each other, the more included your guests feel.

Why do we think this is the most important piece of budget wedding advice? It’s because when you’re focused on nothing more than getting married to your forever person, you’re making the day about each other. Your guests will truly feel included in an event like no other. Watching the two of you concentrate on each other, they’ll know that there’s something special happening, that hey’re being allowed to witness something deeply personal. The more people feel like they’re getting to witness something so rare and special, the more privileged they feel that they were included.  There is no better gift to your friends and family than that.

The wedding industry, however, conspires against this intimacy, unfortunately. When you have more than twenty people in a room, you no longer have a guest list. You have an audience. Whether you like it or not, human behavior is such that people in large groups turn into passive watchers and expect to be entertained. The inherent problem, then, is that the couple, usually unconsciously, internalizes that expectation and they turn into performers. Instead of concentrating on each other, they act a role. To avoid this predicament, be conscious of what you’re planning and who it’s for.  Do you really need to release doves at your wedding ceremony? Or is it a way to impress the people you’ve invited? Do you care that the napkins match the ribbons on your cake cutters and invitations? During the reading of your vows, speak to the other person, resisting the urge to throw a wink to the audience. It your heart is set on an intimate wedding, be intimate with each other. It doesn’t require a staged setting to make every guest feel personally included. Be real and be present. Your loved ones will be able to feel how heartfelt and genuine your bond is. It costs nothing, and will make your wedding unforgettable.

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