My grandmother always said “You have to start with the right foundation garments”, and she was always right. I mean, let’s overlook the pointy bra era from the 50’s, because that’s just how things went back then and she had no other choices.

Let’s be real, though, the wrong foundation garments can ruin the look of the wedding gown that makes you look and feel so amazing!

Shapewear, bras and underwear might not be as exciting as finding the dress of your dreams, but stakes are high when it comes to bridal fashion — the last things you want is to show off your straps, lumps, bumps or lines. 

When To Shop

  • The assistant at the dress store will be able to guide you to a few basics, but don’t just rely on what they have in stock. If you have to get alterations (and most people do), the first dress fitting is a great chance to learn what kind of lingerie works best. Resist the urge to buy anything before then.
  • Also resist the urge to buy the cute knick-knack underwear with “Bride” spelled out in rhinestones. They’re usually flimsy and not well made, so don’t spend your wedding budget on something that isn’t doing double duty. They also are not going to be something you wear forever!
  • Look for well-made items that you can wear again, and that do all the work so you don’t have to suck your tummy in all day.
  • One thing to know is that last-minute weight changes can really affect the fit of your bra. If you’re planning to lose a lot of weight before the big day – and please be healthy! – wait a bit to buy your undergarments.

Shopping for a Bra

First, check whether you actually need a bra. If your wedding dress is quite structured up top, it may give enough support and shaping so that you can skip a bra altogether!

If your wedding dress fabric is on the thin side and you’re just looking for a little more coverage, a bra might not be the best option. For the best seamless, invisible look, try the stick on bras. I’ve used them successfully for many formal dresses, and they’re a dream.

If you want more support, ask whoever is doing your dress alterations whether a bra or corset can be successfully sewn into your wedding dress. This can help with more complicated or lacy necklines as well as strapless silhouettes.

For all other dress types, there are tons of options, and this video might help shed some light!

Shopping for Underwear

What type of undergarments you should buy always depends on the dress. Think of your options in three categories: classic, seamless and shaping.

Classic Style

Dresses that are not fitted to the body or are made of thicker fabrics allow brides to have fun with their lingerie. When you have room under your dress, feel encouraged to express yourself and wear something that makes you feel stunning!

Wear whatever you want, whether it’s a your favorite knickers or something a bit more racy and adventurous.

Don’t forget about planning around that time of the month. You can’t go wrong with the leakproof range at Knix to make sure you stay dry and comfortable no matter what happens.


Slim-fitting dresses or those made of a single layer of material often require underwear that lays perfectly flat and smooth.

Don’t buy anything that can dig in and cause a stray bump!

A nude-colored seamless thong will always work, but brides also shouldn’t feel limited just to that one option. In 90 percent of cases, a bride could wear a smooth lace thong with no problems — just make sure to look for one made from seamless flat lace.


Dresses that highlight body parts sometimes call for strategic shapewear. Luckily, there are increasingly beautiful options for shapewear, so don’t feel like you’re stuck with nude-colored bike short.

The one thing to keep in mind when shopping for shapewear? It absolutely has to fit correctly or you risk being “cut off” in weird places. The best piece is a high-waisted thong, which gives a smooth, seamless fit through the bodice. But if you’re really nervous about lines, go with a full slip.

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