When it comes to throwing one helluva budget honeymoon, look no further! We scoured the internet for ways to make your honeymoon blissfully sweet without breaking the bank. What we came up with can really get you some killer alone time. For those that don’t really have the money–just book a fabulous night in a hotel. Get ready to kick things up to full on romantic overload!

Try The World

If you already know you’re going to be tight on a honeymoon budget, register for a Try The World food subscription with gourmet food curated by expert chefs from around the world. The first box comes with a free box, so use those on your honeymoon night in. Every two months you receive a box from a new country, so you can do a mini-honeymoon date night for just you two.

Of course, you could put together one big box yourself with treats and have a Honeymoon Around the World (without leaving your hotel room)!

Paris, France

Sit in your hotel room feeding one another grapes and get fat on cheese, baguettes, champagne, and strawberries. Watch a little Moulin Rouge on telly to set the mood. You don’t have to go anywhere. Maybe make a playlist beforehand with a little Madeleine Peyroux. Whether you decide to dance or get a little frisky, her sultry voice will really set one Parisian tone.

Phuket, Thailand

Put on some bamboo flute music by Tiny Lotus. Give one another Thai massages with sensual oils. For an extra romantic touch float orchids in a milk bath and ejoy your soak with sticky mango rice. Prepare the sticky mango rice at home and pack in your food box with pad thai, herbal teas and some pre-mixed Mai Tais.

Rome, Italy

Bubble bath it up with some prosecco for an Italian style honeymoon! Set one wonderfully romantic night up with a little Paolo Conte and a bathtub lined with candles. Pack your food box with Caprese salad skewers, Roman artichokes, all the red wine your heart desires, and maybe even some gelato you can ask the staff to stash with some whipped cream until you’re ready to really indulge.

Simply Order Up

Let the hotel know before check in that it’s your honeymoon. Simply put, most hotels have welcome packages and sweet treats they will leave for the happy couple. Maybe hint that you’d like it to be extra special. They should offer you some insight on choosing a meal or two to be sent up, as well. Don’t be afraid to ask if the chef can do something that’s not on the menu if it’s a favourite of yours.

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