Beautiful Budget Centerpieces can be incredibly difficult to fit into a budget. We all have watched the shows on TLC where the elegant crystal vases extend above the heads of those seated at the table, with fiber optics woven in between the stems of the delicate peonies floating somewhere in the air like clouds. This tower of beauty comes however, at a steep price. For those of us without $60,000 budgets, it can be hard to begin looking for supplies to create the perfect centerpiece to complete the look and feel of our wedding.

Although at first the task of arranging your own centerpiece can be a daunting task without access to rare flowers, but once you sit down and look at your options, it can become quite fun. I’ve always been a bargain hunter and it has really paid off when looking for options to create an artful decoration for our celebration.

Check out some Yard Sales.

There is nothing better than an early Saturday drive through your city to trudge through other peoples’ lawns to find their unwanted treasures. Put this to work for your wedding. Just last week I was able to buy 150 votive holders complete with candles for only 15 dollars. They even had wintry designs carved into the sides and some were complete with gold glitter! Turns out a woman down the street had a lot of supplies left over from her Christmas themed wedding the year before. Keep an eye out for neighborhood finds!

The Dollar Store is your friend!

Sure, the clear vase you love is only $3 on Amazon, but have you checked your local Dollar Store? Quite often you can find simple crafting supplies for only one dollar at the store we normally associate with cheap children’s toys and off brand deals. Glitter, small rocks, candles, faux flowers, glassware, vases, all line the shelves for a price that doesn’t break the bank. Even by cutting just a dollar or two on each vase you buy to hold decorative beads or the flowers on your table you can be cutting upwards of fifty dollars from your budget. (the cute square vase on the right is $16 for the SAME STYLE. wtf?!)

Real flowers do not equal better.

I know what you’re thinking. “But Lill! Real flowers smell nice, and they’re soft and the guests can TELL!” Yes I know people can tell that the flowers on the table aren’t quite the real thing, but is that fact going to keep your guests from having a good time? Faux flowers can be a beautiful alternative to pricey fresh cut flowers. Not to mention, coupons and sales can come by months in advance and your flowers will look just as beautiful on your big day as the day you bought them.  The ability to prepare all of the centerpieces in advance saves time and money spent on florists.

What do you already have?

Maybe you have a collection of cooky coffee mugs that you can fill with river rocks? Or perhaps you’re like me and have a collection of Snow Babies that your mother bequeathed onto you when she moved. There is a chance you are getting married in the summer time and can easily sprout a lovely arrangement of wildflowers in your own back yard! Look around your home, your yard, your environment and see what kinds of delights you have sitting around that could add a personal and lovely touch to your tables. Remember the day is about you, so make your décor reflect you and your style! One suggestion to keep the ‘look’ cohesive is to spray paint them all a single color.

Each of your quirky, beautiful budget centerpieces may have a different ‘theme’ or style – one is an owl because you both love camping, one is an old pepper grinder because you both love to cook.  If they’re all the same color, then the facets you’re choosing to display become magical.  Also – each table now has a name. So instead of table numbers, you seat people by table!  More money saved!

These money saving tips have helped me create ideas for my upcoming wedding that won’t break the bank and still let me show off my creativity. Keep an eye out for deals and share what ways you have found to save money without compromising on your vision!

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