It’s no question that a large cost to any wedding isn’t even the party itself, but the engagement ring.  That sparkly little gem that can easily cost more than the celebration, which is reflected by the very common exclamation, “Look at the size of that rock!” as if the size of the stone can truly reflect the depth of your love.  In that spirit, here are several engagement ring alternatives to the traditional diamond solitaire engagement ring.

Blingy Birthstones

Birthstone rings used to be, well, for birthdays, but these days, they are impressive, beautifully set, and are meant to be statement pieces of jewelry.  Large emeralds flanked with smaller diamonds or deep blue sapphires in a multi-stone ring can steal that show. Birthstones also denote various meanings behind them to describe the person receiving the stone, or as a blessing for what you wish your future to be. Putting both partners’ birthstones together on a ring can give more symbolism of love than any diamond could.

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“No Stone” Designs

Not a fan of stones? Skip the stone altogether and save a bundle with simple but meaningful designs, like a knot, the infinity symbol, a monogram of your initials, or your own design that holds special significance.  And if anyone dares ask why there isn’t a stone, tell them that generally speaking, precious metals (such as gold or silver) appreciate in value a lot faster than a precious gemstone.

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Black Diamonds

If you are set on getting a diamond ring, why not consider the black diamond? This naturally black stone is on an uptrend even though it doesn’t deliver the sparkle that a traditional colorless diamond would.  This may be a good fit for edgy, modern brides looking for something elegant but different from the crowd. These diamonds are a fraction of the cost of their traditional counterparts and the enhanced or treated variety is even less costly.

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Grandma’s Ring

Do you have any family heirlooms from a favorite family member that carries value beyond what it’s financially worth? What better way to welcome a significant other into the family than sharing something that has been in the family for so long?

Rose Quartz

Often coined as the most romantic gemstone, the rose quartz looks just as its name suggests – a flushed pink stone that can be polished to look fluidly glass-like in texture.  This stone can be presented as a simple round sphere on a ring (similar to the look of a pearl solitaire) or in its unpolished crystal form for those wanting a less conventional take.

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Diamond Alternatives

Don’t forget those gorgeous diamond alternatives like Morganite:

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