Have you ever attended a wedding, looked at the favor and thought, “I’d rather have nothing at all”? Me too. Sometimes what people getting married think is cute, is not so much. Modern weddings are full of amazing, cool wedding favors that guests find useful. Things that don’t go in the rubbish and won’t turn your house into an episode of Hoarders. So what should you mark off your list of possible wedding favors?

1. Crappy Trinkets

The one thing I can’t stand in the wedding world: paper napkins, matches, golf tees, all that stuff that basically showed up in the 80’s and got stuffed in a box under your bed.

2. Framed photos

Some couples think it’s cool to frame themselves and give it to guests. This is only cool for immediate family. Your best friend’s Dad might think it’s kind of creepy…or you will once you imagine a photo of you and your handsome new husband on his nightstand.

3. Homemade Edibles

No joke, apparently if edibles are homemade people don’t like to eat them. According to a website I trolled for the low down, dirty secret hates of guests, something like a million picky eaters said they hated homemade edibles. Unless they are professionally prepared, your picky eating guests are probably gonna throw it in the bin.

4. Monogrammed Crap

“It’s not that I don’t love you, but I really don’t want your name all over my house.” Some people don’t even want their own initials plastered all over their house, so why would they want yours on their mantle?

5. Things That Include Your Wedding Date

Same goes for your wedding date. You might think those darling boxes are “Oh so cute”, but that date is only special to you–not your best friend’s brother’s cousin twice removed.

6. Koozies

While your husband to be’s beer drinking buddies think Koozies are the latest rage, and will likely use them a lot, this is a groomsmen gift. A lot of your guests might not even drink beer.

7. Non-Edible Treats

Then you have guests that are all like, “If it’s not edible I don’t want it.” So I’d go with pre-wrapped edible stuff to please the picky eaters like truffles or chocolates with creative, customized labels. Not so much a bag of nuts. Because I’m gonna be like, “Really–you’re giving me a nutsack?”

8. One Hit Wonders

Wine glasses, shot glasses, and beer glasses–some people get really upset about non-matching stemware and stuff. I’m over here like, “Can I get wine in that? Then it will come in handy one day.” No matter what my opinion apparently this is a surefire way to ruffle some guests feathers.

9. Cheap-A$$ Knick-knacks

I don’t need another set of “two peas in a pod” salt and pepper shakers, or a beach bottle filled with sand that has your wedding date on it either. I certainly don’t need a jewelry box or another napkin, so forget the knick-knacks and go with something that your guests will actually use.

10. Candles

No offense but those are so ten years ago. They were cute once, and probably smelled okay–but considering how many you are going to have to order in bulk they aren’t going to be Yankee. Plus, people like me will throw your candle away if it smells like baby powder or cotton because that’s just gross. If you’re going to go with candles, something like vanilla is usually inoffensive and generally liked.

11. Pinterest Fails

Again, no offense. But if you’ve just recently taken up knitting and think you should take the time to knit little hearts with your wedding date–No. Just no. Don’t try and paint anything either. You know, like me, that is just gonna straight be a fail.

All of this is said, of course, with lots of love. We want to save you money by suggesting you don’t buy crap your guests won’t need. We also want you to save time not making stuff they won’t eat! Need some help deciding on favors!? Check out our section on favors and diy projects that don’t involve being elbow deep in someone’s cookies.

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