By Carolyn Babjak

Many young people of the new millennium are opting for the different. While choosing to be married but not wanting their parents wedding reception. Dull,  drinking and dancing. There are so many options out there now. Nothing is off limits; unique matters. Though not wanting to break the bank with the $30,000 wedding package can be daunting.

Some exciting and popular ideas, of course, are the destination weddings such as Aruba, Cancun. Even the Disney cruise is fun for those adult Mickey lovers.  The downside being many of your guests either can’t afford or don’t want to go that extra mile.

Wedding planners have finally addressed the idea of entertaining your guests. After all isn’t your wedding entertainment?

Giving a quick dance lesson, getting the crowd into the band or DJ. Not many people have a regular band so be sure your DJ is cool. If he or she is really good, the guests will enjoy. Hiring a dance instructor can engage the group with a quick 10-minute lesson. Maybe including an ethnic flare so all can learn the dances from the country of your origin such as the Irish Jig or the very old traditional Greek dance (horos). Salsa dancing is popular and an easy dance to teach quickly.

Many couples have jazzed up their reception and surprised the guests with a special dance. This takes lots of practice and with all eyes on you if you suddenly switch from a slow dance to a fast, if not sexy dirty dance that totally throws your guests for a loop they won’t soon forget.

For strictly entertaining your guests and making your special day unforgettable for not only you. The Spark fire dancers is something all will never forget.  This unusual, show-stopping performance includes acrobatics, fire dazzle your guests over the top. All guests will be enthralled and taking pictures of this one, marking the memory. Check out the Spark Fire Dance website for more information about fire dancing entertainment.

If you and your betrothed are foodies, then of course, food is where it’s at. Hiring food trucks,(depends on your venue), is the way to go. The mix of heritage can come with the various food truck along with some of the greatest food ever! Or make it a dessert truck to finish off after  a sit-down or buffet dinner can be a nice twist too. For the sweets lover, candy is always a favorite party favor. Trust me, people will love the sweets over anything you can possibly give them for a favor. That old wine glass is going to the back of the cabinet never to be seen again.

Then of course the family wedding with the kids coming, you can get the jumpy house and believe me, the adults will jump in too. But keep an eye on the drinking, for safety purposes, please. This type of special day can include the petting zoo as well for the animal lovers.

There are so many interesting and different ideas. Go with your hobbies and interests. If it’s sports, and you both share that common bond, then a sports themed wedding is easy and inexpensive. All in all making your day different is fun and memorable. So find your interest and go with it!

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