Titanium is a new trend amongst couples as of late because of it’s durability, cost, and light weight feature. While it’s not the traditional kind of ring, it might be just right for your non-traditional bride. Check out the sweet reasons below to consider the titanium wedding ring for your bride to be.

For The Active Woman In your Life

Titanium is lightweight, durable and won’t bend like traditional metals used for wedding rings. If you are marrying an active woman, someone that is less likely to wear their wedding ring because of work, or a lady that isn’t all that into jewelry–titanium might be an amazing choice for her! Significantly lighter than gold, she might not notice she’s wearing it after you say “I do”.

More Affordable

The titanium wedding ring can range from $10 to $1000 for both new and used bands. Custom bands start around $100 and can be made with inlays that range from gold, silver, wood, stone, diamonds, or rare Australian opal.

ladies_black_and_grayTitanium Colors

While traditional titanium resembles white gold or silver, you can also choose black titanium. This is not a dye or paint, but a naturally occurring color change that happens during the treatment process of some titanium–so, it’s just as natural as buying the traditional ring and won’t chip or flake off.


Titanium is a great option for women with jewelry allergies! Traditional rings can often cause allergic reactions because they are mixed with other ingredients, and you may not have the money to buy platinum or pure gold rings. Pure gold isn’t recommended anyway because it’s too soft. Titanium in its natural form doesn’t irritate the skin, so your bride should have no problem sporting a gorgeous titanium wedding band.

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