One of the top 2015 wedding trends according to the Chi-Town Brides Blog, light up lettering is also arguably one of the most versatile. Quite simply, the possibilities are endless, and the ease with which the likes of Light It Up UK wedding lettering can be set up means that it can add a special twinkle to weddings of almost any kind. See for yourself and get inspired, by checking out some of these suggestions.

Light the Way

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Evening and even sometimes afternoon wedding event venues can be dimly lit. Hence, light up lettering provides the perfect means of creating a stunning feature whilst also illuminating a space you have spent a long time decorating and designing. Thinking outside of the box though (or, more accurately, outside of the venue) if you are having an evening party or after-reception bash, you might even want to think about using light up lettering to guide your guests to the venue entrance and welcome them inside.

Special Dates, Sonnets and Secret Codes

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A lesser ‘done’ idea, at least right now, is to make use of light up numbers to celebrate a special date such as the day you and your partner first met or the day you or they proposed, or perhaps even the number of the bus on which you met, depending on what matters to you both. Equally, numerical light up features such as ‘116’ to allude to Shakespeare’s famous love poem, Sonnet 116 can make a wonderfully romantic and conversation creating feature while religious couple might be more inspired by bible verses. For example, the biblical verse ‘13:4-8’ in Corinthians would no doubt have any Christian guest smiling, if only because they know exactly what the verse says. Using numbers to create intimate codes only you, your partner and your guests would understand can make a wonderfully personal feature and create a real feeling of ‘oneness’ and unity, as you all collectively enjoy sharing in the secret.

 (Literally) Spell It Out

The ways in which light up lettering can be used are limited almost only by imagination. To give some examples and to get those creative juices going, you might want to consider some of these ideas:

  • Light up the dance floor by having the word ‘Dance’ arranged close by, on stage or decorating the front of a DJ booth.
  • Fashionable and life-affirming sentiments such as ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ can help to create a mood and direct guests’ eyes about a reception space.
  • Light hearted (pun intended) instructions such as ‘Eat, Drink, Be Merry’ can be used to show guests where they can find the buffet, the bar and the dance floor.
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    Wedding related phrases such as ‘I Do’ or even ‘I did’ can add a lovely touch and get everyone smiling.

  • One of the most common and popular ways to use light up lettering is to have the word ‘Love’ affixed above, along or in front of the head table, an archway or entrance to a venue.
  • Phrases and word combinations such as ‘join us’ above a venue entrance’ are a great way to create a united atmosphere and celebrate the coming together of two families and friends as well.
  • Another popular idea is to opt to have ‘Mr & Mrs’ position where the bride and groom sit at the head table. Making use of an ampersand in place of the word /and/ may save money on hiring lettering. Alternatively or in addition, opt for initials over Mr & Mrs so-and so’ or simply make a wow-factor feature of just you and your partner’s now joint surname.
  • Acronyms like ‘yolo’ and ‘4eva’ even following an octothorp (a.k.a a ‘hash tag’) make a quirky and modern feature whilst parenthesis (‘brackets’) and punctuation marks such as colons can well as letters can further be used to create kooky light up emoticons.
  • Communicating thanks through actually spelling out the words ‘thank you’ or more informally ‘cheers’ depending on the tone of your reception can be lovingly sweet ways to mark out wedding where the wedding favour table is or where guests should place any presents and cards they might have for you.
  • Finally, wedding receptions featuring reception ‘stations’ (such as photo booth points, tea and coffee station or kids’ activity corner can clearly mark out and celebrate that through having light up lettering to literally spell it out.

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