When it comes to weddings photos, it can be difficult to create the illusion of natural light for an indoor wedding. You run into the occasional dark areas, lack of sunshine, and dreaded shadows that can be an absolute nightmare for photographers, but there is hope for the bride and groom who have opted for an indoor wedding.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are absolutely stunning locations for indoor weddings with amazing benefits. Indoor weddings provide protection and shelter from unfavorable weather conditions and are a wonderful source of shade for the hotter months of summer.

Weddings are Forever? Photographers Share Secrets

An article at cosmopolitan.com reveals that photographers can tell if a couple’s marriage will last forever based on certain aspects from the engagement photos on up to the very wedding day. Things like interactions between the bride and groom during photos to how the wedding party behaves have all been tell-tales signs of a doomed marriage.

Now, you really can’t judge how a couple’s life will be based on one day because, for one, weddings are definitely very stressful and can get people out of character at times. Secondly, it’s a day that you are pledging your love to someone and vowing to be with them for the rest of your life… that would make anyone nervous!

Look at the Camera and Say “Cheese!”

One of the important aspects of having a wedding photo album full of noteworthy photos is making sure to keep the focus equally between the bride and groom, the guests, and the wedding party.

For indoor wedding photos, lighting is essential. Just because you’re indoors, that doesn’t mean your photos can’t be amazing. From photos of the pearl earrings you borrowed from your grandmother to the blue garter belt you wear under your dress, you want your wedding photos to be a direct reflection of the experience you had on that special day for years to come.

Here are some photographer tips for capturing the special moments of your special day.

Give Your Input During Photos

When taking photos in general, we typically take the advice given to us from the photographer, but did you know that it’s okay to give your own input on how you want your photos to go?  Maybe the photographer is having you pose a certain way but you have this wonderful idea to bring this antique chair into the picture.

There’s nothing wrong with voicing your vision, and a true photographer wouldn’t have any issues with it because it’s a great opportunity to showcase a little more of the venue in their photos.

Windows Make for a Great Photo

Windows offer so many photo possibilities. Large windows add the perfect backdrop for jaw-dropping wedding photos. You can even speak with management at your wedding venue to look into hiring a company to treat the windows where you will be taking pictures. Remember to visit the venue during the same hours that your wedding will be to see how the light comes in. You may find that too much or too little light comes in.

If they approve your proposal, then the day before or early the day of your wedding, you can hire a window treatment company and they’ll be able to make the windows wedding ready! Some venues will be okay with this and some won’t, you just have to ask.

Attention to Detail

Getting shots on the intricate details of the bride and groom’s wedding style is very important. It’s very common to see wedding photos of the rings, the bride’s shoes, and of course, the dress. Those types of pictures give added details to really bring anyone back to that joyous occasion.

Candid Wedding Party Moments

Candid moment photos are essential to your wedding’s photo album. They truly show how people are enjoying your wedding. But sometimes getting a candid photo among the wedding party can be difficult. Some photographers take “organized” candid photos.

With this photo trick, the photographer will get the wedding party situated in the area where the photo will be taken.  Then he’ll tell the wedding party that he needs to work on something on the camera for a minute so they can feel free to talk among themselves. It is during that moment when the photographer will capture those candid moments.

Don’t Forget About Black and White Photos

Moments from your special day captured in black and white make your photos very unique. There’s just something about black and white photography that gives a picture that classic antique look. Whether it’s a candid moment getting ready with the bridal party or the first photo after becoming officially married, capturing it in black and white will definitely make the photo timeless.

Something as simple as the bride gazing out of a window can be made into a statement-making photo. It will have you wondering what is she looking at? Maybe she’s looking at the bright future ahead for her and her spouse? Never underestimate the power of black and white photos!

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