When it comes to locking down your wedding day pacing, you might need to hand out some tasks to these three people in your bridal party so that you can relax a little and fully enjoy your big day. There are some things you’ll want to handle, but some duties you do need to delegate. Below are some great ways to achieve a perfect pace for your wedding day.

The Maid of Honor

This is your girl and your point of contact for all things team bride related:

  1. All pre-wedding prep timelines are in her amazing hands. She will know the order in which the girls get made up.
  2. The point of contact for the Photographer: Anything that person needs, the Maid of Honor knows.

The Best Man

This guy should be the point of contact for all things financial related:

  1. Final payments, like envelopes for payment to the clergy and any last vendor payments.
  2. Tips envelopes to be passed out at the end of the night. If he’s the kind of guy who will have a few drinks, appoint a sober member for tips to vendors and catering staff.
  3. Send off coordination to get all the guests gathered around to send you off in style.

The Ushers

Give the rest of the groom’s guys a little task to make sure the reception runs super-smooth.

  1. Put one in charge of refreshing the flowers with some water.
  2. If you have a play area for kids, get a groomsman or usher to double check the kiddos have enough crayons, games, and sweets. That way the parents can stay on their dancing toes.
  3. Appoint someone as the DJ’s point of contact. This guy should also have a list of your music to double check that the DJ got the right versions of your songs. No one wants a pop version instead of Bonnie Tyler singing Total Eclipse Of The Heart.

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