• Have you been super-crazy-busy lately?
  • Are you finding that wedding planning takes up a ton of time and there’s still work and family and a social life…how can you do it all!?
  • Do you wish you could afford a wedding planner to help you get started or keep moving through the wedding planning process?
  • Do you worry that you’re missing some critical information that is going to cost you big $$ when you find out about too late?

I’ve got exactly what you need. It’s not a genie in a lamp or a winning lottery ticket, but it’s the next best thing.

The Complete Wedding Planning on a Budget course takes the place of a costly wedding planner. It keeps you organized, focused and on top of all the small details that add up to your special wedding day. 

It’s been a lot of work preparing this awesome course, and I am SO EXCITED that I’m finally able to share it. I have channeled over ten years of budget wedding planning experience into an easy-to-follow course that isn’t overwhelming or difficult. 

Planning a wedding is hard, even when you’ve got tons of cash to throw at people who can make things happen.

When you’re planning a wedding on a small budget, it gets even more difficult! There are a lot of personal stories, books, planners and online resources that drown you in piles of information when you’re taking your first steps toward planning your wedding – it’s overwhelming! You can get swallowed up by the amount of ‘Must Do’ and ‘Can’t Have a Wedding Without’ suggestions, without feeling like you can make the decisions that are right for YOU.

How about something that makes it a little easier? No information overload, just what you need to get started and keep moving along the wedding planning process. The Plan Your Wedding on a Small Budget course is a step-by-step, work-at-your-own-pace course that you can skip around and complete as it suits your needs.

This course will help you plan your amazing wedding at the budget you can afford.

For a complete list of everything this covers (hint: it’s everything!), head over to the curriculum page. Here’s a brief overview (I wasn’t kidding when I said a wedding is complicated!):

The First Things To Tackle

  • Four things you MUST do after getting engaged
  • Determine your Total Wedding Budget without stress
  • Set your wedding priorities easily
  • Setting the wedding date to maximize savings
  • Essentials for your wedding website and registry

Big Day, Little Details

  • Get the best deals on ceremony and reception venues
  • Negotiate with wedding vendors the RIGHT way
  • Find the perfect wedding dress without panic
  • Design a meaningful ceremony
  • Choose the BEST meal and bar options for a cheaper wedding reception
  • Pick wedding flowers that don’t break the bank
  • Decorate on a dime
  • Consider what rental items you need – and which ones you don’t
  • Get the best option for wedding insurance
  • Look great without spending a fortune on hair, beauty and accessories

The Very Important People

  • Select your guest list for the best wedding day
  • Invite guests to your special day the inexpensive way
  • Who should be in your bridal party and what are they supposed to do?
  • Decide who sits where at the reception for maximum fun and minimum drama
  • Get guests to RSVP on time

The Only Thing That Matters

  • Planning the big day order of events without going crazy
  • Delegate wedding day responsibilities
  • Get hitched without a hitch!

Sounds amazing, right? What are you waiting for!?

The Complete Wedding Planning on a Small Budget course


If you register in the next 24 hours, you will get a personal Wedding Planning Power Session with me – absolutely FREE! Normally these sessions are $150, but if you sign up for either option in the next 24 hours, it won’t cost you a thing.

Are you ready to get started?

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