Ladies, I have to tell you, this is the most amazing, slightly tawdry and totally fun bachelorette party I’ve ever been to.  I’ve been to a few, since I’m the last woman standing in my crew – I’m the only one who hasn’t been married yet (but that changes next year – we’ll all be a bunch of old hens)!  It usually falls to me to plan the Bachelorette Night for my girls since I’m usually the one full of ideas.  A couple of years ago we went to Vegas as a group, but someone ended up with a maxed out credit card, one of the (single) ladies almost ran away with a blackjack dealer and I ruined my favorite pair of sparkle-covered peep toe platform pumps.  Granted, they killed my feet, but that didn’t mean they needed to be covered in vodka cranberry.

I digress.  So, the trip to Vegas, while fun, was ruled out for my friend Stephanie’s Last Night Out. Four of our group got married this summer alone, and frankly, we’re all tapped out.  Instead, since we all live in or around Milwaukee, we decided to head for Chicago.  Dress to the nines, have a fabulous dinner at The Gage and then check out a show.  By the by, I highly recommend the Gage – it’s not too fancy, definitely not a crazy gastropub like some of the fancy places in Chicago try to be, has delicious food and is totally okay with us being a raucous group of almost-thirty-year-olds.

The show was the point of the entire night, though.  We headed to Dreamboys. Look, I know what you’re thinking: “It’s not my style, Samantha.”  I get it, that’s definitely something I’m up for but a lot of people might not be into it.  But give it a shot – you’d be surprised at how fun the night turns out to be.  Have a couple of cocktails (no pun intended), and enjoy the show.  If you even remotely liked the movie Magic Mike – you’re going to LOVE these dancers. You’ll laugh, you’ll blush, you’ll scream a little, and yes, even the most reserved of your group will find their Man Crush for the night.

The reason we had to go to Dreamboys is that they are currently featuring the very handsome and quite talented Josh Seiter from The Bachelorette!! Guys.  Ladies. Seriously.  Not only is he so fun on Twitter (*swoon*), he’s down right dreamy in person. You don’t want to miss this.  Anyone need a bachelorette party planner? *I volunteer as tribute!*

Dreamboys Chicago

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