Reliving your wedding ceremony is truly a heartwarming experience. We all want a memorable and touching video that can recreate the same emotional impact every time we watch it. In order for this to be successful, choosing the right videographer that can get the job done should be close to the top of your list. While many of us choose the typical route of hiring a professional videographer, what we do not factor in is the pricing. Often times rates can be negotiable, but expect to see estimates close to $3000-$5000!

Don’t panic! There are several ways that you can lower this to a budget-friendly cost that will save you and your family big time.

  • Your friends and family are already armed with a camera that is raring to fire away at the first moment (a GoPro is the way to go in this case) – why not ask them to film the entire ceremony and reception? If they accept, you will be getting a raw copy of your wedding on video for over 75% less than what a typical wedding videographer charges – even if you end up buying the camera! Afterward, you can edit your own wedding video. You do not need to be a professional video editor to create an amazing wedding video. Try Windows Movie Maker – it’s free and easy-to-use! Not only will you be able to contribute your own creative spin to your video, but it’s also fun to relive your day after it has flown by. Best of all, you can burn it on a DVD and watch it on your anniversary or even send them out to family members – after putting your own personal label on it.
  • Consider reaching out to a local college’s Cinematography classes and clubs.  College students aspiring to be the next Sofia Coppola would no doubt be willing to spend some of their off time making some extra cash while honing their craft.
  • Look for startup companies trying to make a mark in the industry. There are hundreds of aspiring and talented videographers ready to showcase their talents for cheap. Many of them offer discounts and can be talked into lowering their prices in exchange for purchasing their services. All it takes is a quick look at their portfolio on their website (assuming they have one) and a phone call to discuss their rates. Local videographers around your area tend to give you a better deal and it wouldn’t hurt to ask for a “hometown rate”.

Let’s say you do hire a professional videographer that is giving you a quote on the high side of $3000, how can you negotiate it down for lower?

  • Take the time to do your research on who offers the best package deals for the lowest price. Negotiating is the key word here. The more video editing they offer, the more they will charge. Request a simple DVD that don’t come with all the fancy hoo-ha’s to keep your budget to a minimum.
  • Often times, videographers will bring assistants to help capture every angle of your wedding. That means more mouths to feed which can up the dining cost. Be wary of this as you can check if additional assistants add to the whole cost or are included in a package deal.

For many of us, the simplistic and real beauty of a wedding doesn’t need all the bells and whistles that a professional videographer offers. It can cost way too much and we most of us love to keep our budget on a minimum. Take a chance when choosing the right videographer, look for that hidden gem that will make your wedding video to your liking – because your special moment should last a lifetime.

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