If you’re a stationary nerd, stop reading now. For a person who loves the feel of touching pen to paper, going with digital wedding invitations might seem almost sacrilegious! Then again, have you considered how many hours you will be pressing your pen to paper when addressing one hundred wedding invitation envelopes and RSVP return envelopes? That thought doesn’t have quite the same appeal, does it?

These days there are many etiquette experts who say they’d be just fine with sending digital invitations. As long as the wedding isn’t a late evening, formal black-tie affair, just about anything goes.

For those of us whose weddings don’t count celebrities on the invitation list and whose attire requirements won’t rival the Oscars, here are a few of the benefits of using digital wedding invitations:

Everyone Has Email

A few years ago, emailed invitations were heavily dissuaded because the ‘older, less tech-savvy generation’ wouldn’t understand, and it could be challenging for them. That may have been true then, but in 2016, there are so few people who don’t have an email address, that argument is moot. There are 90-year-old grandmothers making videos for YouTube, so I’m sure they aren’t going to be challenged by a simple online RSVP!

Check out these gorgeous examples by Evite – they’re FREE! Why wouldn’t you want to save money – lots of money – on your invitations?

3 Amazing Benefits of Sending Digital Wedding Invitations - weddingfor1000.com


3 Amazing Benefits of Sending Digital Wedding Invitations - weddingfor1000.com

How much can you save?

On average, couples spend $334 on invitations, reply cards and postage – sending your invitations can save you…let’s do the math…carry the one…add the … oh wait, yes. You can save: $334!

You can save: $334!

Remove the Guest List Guesswork

There are so many tips, tricks, hacks and what-have-you around how to keep track of who sent what RSVP that it’s almost become comical. Why do you have to hide a number on the envelope in invisible ink (that can only be read by the light of a full moon, naturally) that you then compare to a spreadsheet of guests? Digital guest lists and invitations take all that stress and extra work away. It’s easier for you to keep track of and it’s harder for them to forget – email reminders can be very helpful that way!

Make It Meaningful

Just because you choose digital wedding invitations doesn’t mean it’s impersonal. Choose a style that works with your wedding website (if you have one) as well as your wedding colors. It will still be absolutely gorgeous, and you can spend that money you’ve saved on something else.

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