There have been many pins on Pinterest encouraging brides to pick up the slack their guests tend to leave when returning an RSVP card (when they return them, that is). It is definitely a difficult and frustrating task to figure out who the guests are that claim they will attend but don’t identify themselves.  Though people probably wouldn’t notice, it seems a little impersonal to assign someone #97 or No. 32 on the back of their card.

A simple way to keep track of unmarked RSVP cards is to use an initial system. Each guest is given unique initials. Robert Downey Jr. is obviously RDJ. If you’re using a spreadsheet (which is extremely helpful!), use the “filter” option and sort them in alphabetical order to ensure there are no duplicates. If there are any, add a middle initial or number and make sure you track the addition on your master list.

Many suggestions from the internet are to order the black light-only visible ink pens with which to mark the cards and later identify them. That requires the order and use of special pens and lights, and then what do you use them for? Do you store it away for use…some other time black light ink seems appropriate? Maybe not.

Writing directly on an RSVP card can be seen – penciling initials is still going to show up. Instead, hide the guest’s previously assigned initials in the inner flap of the RSVP envelope where nobody would look! If they did somehow find it, they wouldn’t really care because it is initials and not numbers.

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