As far as wedding flowers goes, a bridal bouquet is the most popular choice when brides choose what to carry to walk down the aisle. But what if you want to be a little bit different? What if the flowers in your area or season are prohibitively expensive? There don’t seem to be that many options. Here are 5 alternative ideas that will work for both brides and bridesmaids – especially on a budget.

Wrist Corsage

A wrist corsage is a small arrangement of flowers that is secured to the bride’s wrist with elastic. It’s comfortable and stays out of the way. The great thing about a wrist corsage is that both of your hands are free – excellent if you have a lot of guests to hug or a particularly active reception planned!

Roses, orchids and other small-headed flowers work best, but there are a lot of lesser known but equally beautiful flowers that would look amazing. Ranunculus, for instance, is a full-bloomed flower that looks similar to a rose, but is smaller and less expensive in most locations.


A kissing ball, known mostly as a pomander, is a round ball built out of flowers on a central holder that has a delicate ribbon handle attached. It’s easy to carry since the ribbon just slips over your wrist. Generally, roses are the most popular choice for pomanders, but you could also use gerbera daisies or carnations. Carnations are quite inexpensive and look stunning in large quantities.

Though pomanders are more often carried by bridesmaids and flower girls, they can look truly beautiful carried by the bride herself.

Hair Decoration

The use of floral arrangements or simple flowers as hair decorations can be both elegant and stylish. You can choose one large flower such as a lily or a peony (check with a florist, though, as peonies can be up to $20 a stem if they’re out of season when you want to use them!) to form the focal point of your arrangement. If using a single flower, this type of arrangement is usually worn on the side of the head. You could also choose a variety of other looks to include flowers in your hair, and you don’t have to be considered a hippie or beach bride! It can be much less expensive than jeweled tiaras or pins to accent your hair style.

Prayer Book

Many brides having a religious ceremony choose to carry a prayer book or bible instead of a bouquet. The prayer book or bible can be decorated with a small arrangement of flowers or delicate ribbons.

If you have a cherished bible that was given to you as gift, that would be a perfect choice, or you could buy a new one as a symbol of your new life together and how you plan to lead it.

Lantern or Candle Holder

Lanterns and candle holders are great for church weddings, especially if it is an evening ceremony. The light they cast is very romantic and will add to the soft and romantic ambiance of the ceremony. Remember to use non-drip candles and a lantern design that fully encloses the flame to reduce the risk of an accident – trash the dress pictures are usually reserved for after the wedding!

If any of these ideas seems interesting and you plan to incorporate them, let us know! Or share if you have other ideas!

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