So much of your wedding planning attention is focused on the details of your special day, from invitations to the final send-off. What the wedding party wears is equally important, and that doesn’t just mean the bride’s stunning gown. This goes for the groom as well, because men’s wedding shoes are an unmissable detail. Whether you’re looking for something low-key and casual or top-notch formal, men’s oxfords come in a variety of styles to fit any wedding. The following tips can help you choose the right men’s wedding shoes for the big day.

The groom’s shoe choice should definitely be influenced by the formality of the special day. If it’s a no-jacket, just a vest and bow tie kind of event, a nice pair of lace-up Oxfords in a complementary color would be perfect. These would also be suitable for a nice light-weight wool or even a classic linen suit. It’s classy and yet relaxed. You could also consider looking at the variety of toe shapes or even swap out dress shoes for modern ankle boots.

If the wedding day is an evening suit and tie event, a cool black leather Oxford with a funky texture is an excellent choice. These kinds of shoes don’t just need to be saved for special occasions. If they’re made with quality craftsmanship, like these Germano Bellisi ‘Cleverley’ Oxfords, they’ll be as comfortable as putting on slippers after a few wears.

For an elegant black-tie evening wedding, the best choice is the classic patent leather Derby lace-ups. There’s a reason they’ve been worn year after year with style unchanging – they’re handsome, they last forever, and they look good!

Traditionally, dress shoes are black for formal occasions. Modern weddings offer quite a bit of leeway, however, when it comes to footwear. Brown, navy and tan dress shoes are becoming more popular, and some grooms are opting for pristine Converse sneakers to show off their personality! He’ll still need to pay attention to how the color of his shoes coordinates with the rest of the outfit. To keep a fresh look balanced, choose dress shoes that are darker than your suit or, if you’re wearing black, as dark as your suit.

The groom shouldn’t be feeling the pinch when it comes to his shoes – renting shoes that come with tuxedo rentals isn’t always the best deal. He’ll want to be dancing and having fun, not concerned that his feet hurt. This calls for well-made shoes to make sure they fit comfortably from the toe to the heel. His toes shouldn’t touch the front of the shoe, and the heel shouldn’t slip. Check to see if the shoes are too tight through the ball of the foot. Make sure that they don’t rub the groom’s feet at the pressure points.  Most dress shoes have a low heel which helps to relieve lower-back pressure while standing as well. Since there’s bound to be dancing, make sure to carefully check out the shoes you buy. Look for a sole that can handle dancing without being too sticky or too slick. A sole made of treaded rubber will make it hard to move, but a hard plastic sole will slip on a dance floor. Look for shoes with smooth leather soles or soft rubber soles without treading.

An investment in a nice pair of shoes is totally worth it, and these Germano Bellesi shoes are handmade in Italy. It takes up to 30 days to make a pair, and regular market price on shoes like these is $600 and higher. For nice menswear on a budget, check out Fashion ResPublica – their prices are incredibly low. Same with the suits by Pierre Balmain: incredibly low prices for such well-known brand and impeccable quality. Buying a pair like these, when taken care of, is definitely money well spent.

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