New Jersey doesn’t have to mean clubbing and spending more than you would like at the casinos. There are plenty of other fun activities for you to try out: let us take a look at just eight of these.

The Other Tales Escape Room

Escape rooms are great fun for small and medium size groups. You are locked into one room and have to solve puzzles and find clues to make your escape from the room. These are often arranged so that you have to escape from several different rooms, each with three or four clues, so it is a great way to spend an afternoon with friends and family.

Diggerland XL

For something very different, Diggerland XL speaks to the child in all of us. You go along and – after some instruction – you can drive JCBs and bulldozers! Tremendous fun for anyone who has ever watched a construction site and wondered what it is like to be in control of those massive yellow behemoths.

Dine at the Grain House

If you are looking for a sophisticated evening, why not hire a limo to convey you to the Grain House, an exquisite restaurant in a beautiful historic setting. Named as one of New Jersey’s top twelve prettiest restaurants, it can be found in The Olde Mill Inn – a great place to stay which offers loads of activities from horse riding to tennis to golf. Add an extra shine to the occasion by hiring a limo to get you there: affordable limo services in New Jersey are readily available.

RTSP Shooting Range

Whether you are a gun owner or not, popping into a shooting range to see what it’s all about and learn how to handle guns can be surprisingly fun. If you are an old hand with guns, you– brush up your skills, and if not, you can learn new ones and enjoy having a new experience to add to your list of things done.

Around the Corner

Called ‘Around the Corner’, this crafting place is like summer camp but for creative adults! You can try your hand at pottery, painting and more, creating beautiful mementoes, learning new artsy skills and having tremendous fun with your family and friends.

The Cape May Lady

A large and beautiful party boat, the Cape May lady is available for hire for parties and events of all types. All you have to do is let the owners know your desires, pay for the service and then fill the boat with your friends and enjoy a tranquil cruise around while you all party hard.

Bingo Sportfishing

Also on the sea, but less disco and more macho is sportfishing. You can have a go at catching big sea-fish such as a marlin or sailfish – or you can watch your loved one do it instead while you catch some sun!

iPlay America

Despite the modern sounding name this venue combines all the best of the old fashioned fun and games that speak to the old Boardwalk entertainments, brought into the 21st century with mod cons and gadgets that just make it even more fun. Great fun for everyone and sure to create some wonderful memories all around.

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